Martha Williams

Precinct Chair 4588, VP/Treas. North Tarrant Democrats 

Heather Buen has many innovative ideas and is a promising talent that should be utilized by the TCDP. Electing her to the Resolutions Committee she has a keen insight in determining best practices. She has researched the differences and similarities of resolutions of both dominating party platforms. In certain instances she has discovered "common ground" that is beneficial to gaining support of non-traditional voters and promote a Democratic platform. For this reason we all should endorse Heather Buen for the Resolutions Committee. 

Ruth Rasmussen

Precinct Chair 3039

Heather is a great trainer, speaker, precinct chair and mentor to so many. After being asked at the last minute, Heather gave a impressive power point presentation at the North Texas Democratic Summit, on all things digital to reach all voters and recruit volunteers. Using her own money and 'all' of her time, she supports multiple platforms to inform, inspire, train and engage thousands for our Democratic goals. Heather has deciphered the Republican platform to explain to the misguided how they are being manipulated and how they actually believe in our Democratic policies. This knowledge will help all of us prepare our resolutions to counteract the destructive policies of the opposition. Heather Buen is the best candidate for our resolutions committee.

Cindy Shepard

 Hurst City Council Place 7 

Heather amazes me with her energy, her commitment and her knowledge. Her work on my campaign for city council was invaluable. She stepped up for everything, presenting ideas and initiatives to reach out to voters and involve them in the process. Residents in Heather's precinct know her well because of the time she has devoted to working for them. Heather will be an asset to any committee or campaign she participates in. 

Michelle Wallace

Precinct Chair 3166

Proud to endorse Heather Buen for resolutions committee. She works with canddiates to educate them on using the latest technology in their campaigns. She is committed to SD 9 and helping more democrats get elected. 

Pat Noell

 Precinct Chair/3321 / Manager, Vote Grapevine 

Heather Buen is sharp as a tack, analytical, thorough, helpful, and a motivator with a strong moral compass. I endorse her for the Resolutions Committee; her input will be invaluable. 


Ann Teeter

Precinct Chair 3032

Heather is a very hard working Democrat. She is actively working for several candidates and has kept up with the issues voters care about. She will be an asset to the resolutions committee.

Kathy Braatz

 Precinct chair #3421 

 Heather would be an excellent Resolutions Committee member- you won’t find a harder worker! 

Steve Riddell

 Candidate for HD 92 

Any committee should consider itself honored to have Heather's participation! This woman is organized, smart as a whip, committed, passionate, detail-oriented, and rational. I've seen her work up close as a precinct chair, and I've been invariably impressed with the drive and intelligence she brings to every task she takes on. She works hard and she works smart. 

Mike Patino

 Precinct 3510 

Heather Buen for SD 9 Resolutions Committee 

Caroline Sherman

Precinct Chair 3471

Heather will be a great asset on the Resolutions Committee 

Deena Crawford

Precinct Chair Hurst #3213

Heather Buen is an excellent candidate for SD9 Resolutions Committee, and she has my support.  She is thorough, determined, and has clear goals to help those in our local cities and state. 

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