About us

Our Story - My Story

This wouldn't really be a story unless you also included my story. 

I, Heather Buen have been a Democratic Party Precinct Chair since 2017 - while that only seems like such a short time I always voted but never volunteered or organized. In a Republican stronghold like Tarrant County, I often felt "disenfranchised" with what seemed like one party that pretty much ran Texas politics. I felt alone and while I disagreed with what I was hearing in the media and from my own representatives I felt powerless to do anything about it.  Before becoming a precinct chair, I voted in Republican Primaries because 1) there were barely any Democrat candidates or none to choose from 2) I actually thought I was "diluting" the vote of the Republican ballots. Instead of complaining I decided to do something about it and put some attention to doing my part to find solutions to the problems that impact me and others in my community. I have recruited a lot of volunteers and have made friends along the way. I have also met my neighbors in the process. 

About Hurst?

Hurst, is a city with around 38,000 people that is in the middle of Dallas and Fort Worth. It's a growing population because of it's proximity to Dallas and Fort Worth. It is in the "Mid-cities" or H-E-B which includes Hurst, Euless and Bedford. Hurst is also located in Tarrant County, a traditionally Republican stronghold. Hurst is also a growing city and part of the Hurst-Euless-Independent School District which boasts one of the most diverse school systems in the country.  The population of Hurst, TX is 66.5% White, 23.7%Hispanic, and 4.75% Black. 20.6% of the people in Hurst, TX speak a non-English language, and 91% are U.S. citizens.      


My Belief

I believe It is important that our voices are heard from the grassroots level up. Our voices create the foundation or our leaders at the city, state and federal level. I want to preserve the future for my children and all children no matter what they look like and to encourage the exploration of ideas. 

As a working parent I have my finger on the pulse of what’s important to families and communities in Texas. I care about how inflation impacts prices and the ability for Texans to put food on the table. I am committed to finding solutions with regards to access to healthcare for kids and ensuring that services are not cutback for seniors. I want to ensure that public schools are adequately funded and our veterans get adequate funding and support. I come from a labor union family where we held a deep appreciation for our labor union brothers and sisters. I would like to see more funding for trade programs and apprenticeships for our youth, our people of color and women to enter into labor fields that are experiencing extreme labor shortages. If we are trying to put food on the table we need to provide the means by which people are able to do that. I’m also an advocate for STEM education programs and hybrid partnerships for project based learning as viable options of secondary education, in addition to traditional college education systems in order to stem the high costs of college tuition. I’m an advocate for FREE community college tuition and would love to see that get implemented. 

In short, this is an ever evolving group that endeavors to explore the possibilities for everyone in Hurst and preserving our future. 

Contact us

As a Democratic Party Precinct Chair for Precinct 3172 in Hurst, Texas I am available to answer any questions or requests for comment. Please feel free to contact me.