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You can’t argue with the sun – fate and free will

“You can’t argue with the sun – everyday it’s coming up.” Debra Silverman, an astrologer said this in her free online workshop about falling in love with your fate. I sat through and watched the whole thing. I love dabbling into astrology and it is a fun hobby of mine. More importantly I have made many friends via shared interests in the subject. When I say I study it, I study it. I study the stars, constellations, asteroids and planets. I study the degree of where they are in the sky at any given date and at any given location They make sense to me. In my head I can easily tell based upon a person’s age what generational planet they have even without a birthdate. If I manage to get a birth-month I can tell where other planets are probably situated. This isn’t just a lucky guess it’s math…