Instruction and Coaching

Instruction and Coaching

In some way we all teach. Whether it’s a mom showing her child how to brush their teeth, a foreman teaching an apprentice or a professor teaching a student – it is in us to teach, observe and learn. I have enjoyed a long career in sales, marketing, communications, and analytics with every opportunity to teach others. I have been in the corporate classroom. the college classroom, the conference workshop as well as a one on one consulting or coaching position. I have always enjoyed the ability to not only teach but to demonstrate either through integrated teaching tools and experiential learning. I teach because I learn more about who I am in the process.

Continuing Education Instructor – Integrated Web Marketing & Analytics

Take my course in March 2018 – 2 day course on Saturdays 03/03 and 03/10 – Learn everything you ever wanted to know about simple SEO and Google Analytics for your website.

University of Texas at Arlington

– Present, Arlington, TX

Offering an array of solutions to turn your blog or website into a power site I teach students as part of UT Arlington’s Social Media Marketing Certificate program the course on Web Marketing and Analytics. I help students understand the online tools and resources available to them in the areas of affiliate marketing, niche creation, target marketing, SEO/SEM, and Google Analytics marketing planning/ It unites these various modes via digital marketing and is a must take course for business owners, marketers, and those that want the latest in technical marketing skills.

Topics I have taught in this course include:

1) Creating an online marketing plan for a blog, website or business
2) Learning how to pitch a website to PR companies, brands, and traditional media
3) Establishing and researching niches for affiliate marketing
4) Create easy to develop e-products such as training and video courses to generate revenue
5) Get an overview of and use popular social media sites and social media tools to grow readership and encourage conversion
6) Extensive use of Google Analytics in your website and marketing planning activities

This class fulfills the requirements for the UT Arlington’s Social Media Marketing Certificate Program. If your small business would like to be used as a case study for my class, please contact me.

Corporate Sales and Marketing Trainer

For the latest and greatest on my professional and corporate experience see my updated resume here! After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Hawaii Pacific University in 2001 I embarked on my career with telecommunications giant Verizon. In differing capacities I enjoyed the gamut of business sales operations, product management and eventually project management for complex telephony and online services. Much of this involved sales and process training to call center agents at approximately 26 different locations in the US. Later in 2008, after a time as an account executive at FedEx Office (fka Kinko’s), I would join TXU Energy as a telemarketing vendor agent in which I have taught sales call center onboarding programs.

One on One Coaching and Consulting

“Heather is hands down the best web/computer/tech teacher I have ever had. She explains very technical concepts in simple ways, communicates at the highest level and makes every student feel special. These are all trademarks of a truly brilliant teacher. If you are looking to hire a teacher or are looking to take a class, I highly recommend choosing Heather. “Jeri Klein, Content Creator/Social Media Manager

I’ve enjoyed collaborating with Heather on our digital news platforms. She’s very detailed and does a good job keeping up with all of her social media channels in a timely manner. Heather is well versed and a creative writer…you’ll want to read more of her stories after the first one! – Nelli Tokleh, MBA – Account Executive

One of my greatest joys in life is to help others with the current problem that exists in business, marketing, social life or family life. I help provide a different set of lenses for my clients by assessing their goals and current tools, implementing quality and efficiency standards, and then demonstrating for them through proven business tools and experiential processes the art of doing things better. Teaching my clients how to better use what is at their disposal in a more efficient manner to be successful in business, personal empowerment, and family relationships. Private Instruction and consulting is available on a case by case basis – please contact me for more information. I have a network of individuals from which I pool expertise so that I can solve your dilemma.

How to further optimize your website or blog?

If you need assistance with becoming a power blogger I can help guide and mentor you towards your goals. I do everything strictly on a case by case basis and via one on on consultation.

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