Happiness depends on ourselves  – Aristotle

I know how you feel. Day in and day out you are the parent, the employee, the caregiver and you love and adore the loved ones that you need you but you also miss someone. Who is that someone? YOU!

I am the queen of reinventing myself. I have been through school, gotten out of rough marriages, raised three kids, learned skills in my career, started an award winning blog, volunteered in the community and struggled. I didn’t start out living the buen life so easily and I still have to remind myself where I have come from and that I am worth it. I am worn out and getting older. My body shows my fatigue and my spirit has battle scars but I still believe in the good life – the buen life.

Many Failures – True Successes

I am no stranger to failing. In fact I have failed many times. I have tried it once, twice and again and again. I changed my perspective on failing. One person’s failure may be another person’s success and it all depends on your own life and how you evaluate yourself. You can move your own goal posts and get closer and closer to your next goal – and the next – and the next. Making good choices helps us live a good life. It is these choices that help us live well – aka the buen life. I have found isolating each goal into respective means or action items bring us closer to them by helping us know where to start. There is no magic formula except to start making GOOD choices. Good choices then become good habits. This begins the process of living the good life. Start small – start good and activate a life of purpose – the Buen Life!