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The Worst First Mistake

You’ve heard that “time is money.” But I’ll take a step further. Attention is money. If you’re asking for someone’s attention, but fail to deliver value in return, you’ve just wasted their most precious resource. Between now and June 11th, we’re giving a free bonus with every Fascination Advantage™ assessment, to prevent the worst first mistake.

What’s my motivation? The things that you find out about yourself when you’re not looking

A few weeks back I walked for Team Jenny at the Dallas Heart Walk. It was such a great adventure and I got to meet so many wonderful women while I was there. The best part about being a blogger sometimes is not just meeting so many new people but getting to know different companies and brands. Jenny Craig is one of them. My sister was on Jenny Craig and she lost a lot of weight. As part of my blogging showmanship, I received (sponsored) one month of free consultation and free food from Jenny Craig. It took me a while to get started but I chose a location by my work so that I could get my food and consult with the Jenny Craig coach prior to starting. I can honestly say, I didn’t realize what I’d be in for. My motivation is all about myself Allison, the coach…