You can’t argue with the sun – fate and free will

“You can’t argue with the sun – everyday it’s coming up.” Debra Silverman, an astrologer said this in her free online workshop about falling in love with your fate. I sat through and watched the whole thing. I love dabbling into astrology and it is a fun hobby of mine. More importantly I have made many friends via shared interests in the subject. When I say I study it, I study it. I study the stars, constellations, asteroids and planets. I study the degree of where they are in the sky at any given date and at any given location They make sense to me. In my head I can easily tell based upon a person’s age what generational planet they have even without a birthdate. If I manage to get a birth-month I can tell where other planets are probably situated. This isn’t just a lucky guess it’s math…

Find a goal that scares the crap out of you

What do you stand for, really? Once you figure that out, and then steer your life toward it, you can start to realize your true potential. Here’s my own goal: I want to help you become your most fascinating. Because when you fascinate, your biggest ideas can actually make a difference.