You can’t argue with the sun – fate and free will

“You can’t argue with the sun – everyday it’s coming up.”

Debra Silverman, an astrologer said this in her free online workshop about falling in love with your fate. I sat through and watched the whole thing. I love dabbling into astrology and it is a fun hobby of mine. More importantly I have made many friends via shared interests in the subject. When I say I study it, I study it. I study the stars, constellations, asteroids and planets. I study the degree of where they are in the sky at any given date and at any given location They make sense to me. In my head I can easily tell based upon a person’s age what generational planet they have even without a birthdate. If I manage to get a birth-month I can tell where other planets are probably situated. This isn’t just a lucky guess it’s math and science. Each planet has a certain position in the sky and it rarely ever changes. So what does astrology have to do with positive thinking?

Debra Silverman as an astrologer is no stranger to people trying to get a glimpse of the future. As an amateur astrologist I get asked a lot. Personally nothing in a chart can be typified as “good” or “bad.” Her workshop discusses “fate” and free will. A sort of out of balance argument of what each concept means and how they are related. You may have asked “If it was pre-destined then how does free will play into it.” My mom asks this question all the time. Especially during a period of loss or grief. I have asked this question many times. As a Christian it is easy to just explain God’s will. However during a time of grief none of that may provide any comfort. It is sometimes not comfort you need to seek but plainly just acceptance.

Falling in Love with your Fate

In Debra’s workshop there are four things you will learn. They are:

  • Face reality and show up exactly how you are in this moment of life.
  • Understand that life is always talking to you — and find out how to read the signs.
  • Learn how to trust so that you can stop arguing with your fate.
  • Discover the argument of each sign.

In the webinar Debra states that the power to change is accelerates when you fall in love with joyfulness and acceptance of the things that happened to you. Change is inevitable but the powerful force of that change could be unbeknownst to you. Harnessing the power of that change requires discipline. It requires a steadfastness to accepting the reality of your life. Debra mentions that this is necessary to do the work needed to reframe your mind.

As an example, I just enrolled in school again for my second master’s degree. I haven’t been in a course for a long time but here I am moving ahead with kids and school. I have to adjust my frame of mind in order to succeed. Make the time in between work, Kid’s schools, and ice skating. It takes work and it’s not comfortable . . . until it is. So is the same with significant trauma and grief that enters your life. For those that question how faith helps grieving I thought this was a great “After Great Pain where is God?” article.

You have Everything you need

In the webinar, Debra goes on to say that everything you need is between your ears. Like a rubiks’ cube sometimes you have to feel the movement of the pieces together to understand what your fate is. You can connect fates with your choices and other fates. Remember the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again? Choose your fate and reel it in. The moments in life of great grief and trauma – as well as anger become the liberator of your angst – the liberator of your soul. The worst things that have happened to you – the reality check when you have hit rockbottom  

Find your liberation

Those things do not DEFINE YOU – they happened to you. In this way you find your liberation.  Sustaining happiness and personal pleasure for a long period of time is impossible and is underappreciated unless you have gone through your suffering and personal trauma. Write about your suffering and heartbreak – make a list. Look at those scars that you have overcome, the battles you have fought. If you had to go through it again you know you can do it because you have experience. You don’t choose to go through it again but you take stock of those experiences and use it as part of your arsenal. You are prepared.

The Four Elements of Astrology

Navigators use 4 points on a compass, cosmic navigators that venture into astrology use the 4 elements. They are:


Air – the lightness in  your heart. Expansive and uncontained. Possibilities.

Earth – taking care of – nurturing –Really good at holding down the fort – anybody around you take comfort in your ability because you are such a rock and so reliable and so present

Fire – So Loud, so obnoxious, so entertaining. The fire people love to go for a run, love to go on a bike. People tell them to tone down. Realizing that life gave you an extra excessive battery. They are healers – inspire others into action.

Water – always symbolizes emotions but also the mirror. Water signs provide a reflection for you of yourself.


How do you fall in love with your fate? The same way you fall in love with a partner by allowing it the freedom to live the way it wants and accepting it for what it is.

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