Clean up your Twitter Feed with crowdsourced muted words

Sometimes I want my Twitter feed to do what I originally set it up for – Cat videos. The fun stuff like recipes, travel tips, social media marketing and a gamut of resources that fit into a compact space that is easy to digest and read. The premise of this new product I found on Product Hunt called, Mute is pretty simple – Working off of Twitter’s ability to mute words in your feed, you now have the power of the collective to auto “mute” the top annoying keywords – I believe right now the word “Trump” is leading the pack.

Anyhow, “mute is a way to build a collective muted words list for Twitter by using the hivemind (that’s you and a lot of other people) to add and vote for muted words. You can auto mute all 100 words OR mute just a single word.

Working as a bookmarklet just drag to your bookmarks and click a button. Seems simple enough to bring back sanity to your timeline. They need this for Facebook.

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