Playful Communication in Relationships: It’s all about Humor & Laughter

Guest Post by Alia Haley

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Laughter is the best medicine because it has a very positive effect on your well-being and health. A good laugh can be the key to relieving stress and tension. Not only that, it can also enhance your mood, enhance your creativity and brings a great rush of energy. Laughter when shared with someone is a very important part of developing a strong and healthy relationship. Making a conscious effort to bring in humor and laughter on a daily basis is perhaps the best way to forge lifelong relationships with almost anyone – whether in the family or at work!

Communicating with people in a playful manner adds more excitement to the relationship and helps in keeping it fresh and vibrant. Laughter can be a great way to break the ice and enrich interactions. Similarly, laughter and playfulness with your partner is the essence of a solid and intimate relationship with your loved one.

Most people are drawn towards smiling and funny individuals as it creates an aura of positivity. Laughter is also contagious and it can make the least sociable people break out in laughter! Here are a few ways in which you can enjoy playful humorous communication in relationships:

1. Ensure that both partners are in on the humor

Humor can only be successful when both people are in on the joke. Try not to do or say something to people who are overly sensitive or to people who wouldn’t necessarily appreciate the good humor. Playfulness is mutual, so joke around with people who can reciprocate the fun mutually. This kind of humor is great for building goodwill and trust in a relationship. There are times, when a spouse playfully tries to annoy his/her partner.

These things are amusing when done once, but if it becomes a habit, then it does get annoying and might even damage the relationship. Playful communication is meant to be enjoyable for both the people involved, so take the time to analyze whether the other person is enjoying it or not. Carry on with the fun, if you are getting positive signals from the other person, else stop.

2. Try to use humor to downplay conflict in a relationship

If you are going through a disagreement-like situation which has led to a heated conflict, then use the powerful weapon of humor to lighten up things. Humor is a great way to restart your conversation and can also restore a sense of normality in a relationship without any feeling of awkwardness. Playfulness can be used skillfully to get intimate with your partner, or can even be used for getting your point across without hurting their sentiments. Humor should be free from ridicule and sarcasm, so try to ease the tension by sharing laughter.

3. Humor should not be used as a disguise for hiding your inner emotions

Humor or playful communication is important for seeking positivity in life and standing up strongly in adverse situations. However, humor is not healthy when it is used to disguise your painful emotions of anger, fear, hurt or disappointment. The truth can be made to sound funny, but disguising the truth in laughter is not at all humorous. This kind of behavior can create a feeling of mistrust in your relationship. Misplaced humor does more harm to you than any good.

Playfulness, laughter and humor – when done in a healthy and appropriate manner – are the ingredients to a lifelong relationship. A humorous person is not only viewed as being friendly and easy to get along, but can also be trusted deeply.

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