Exercising the Mind – It’s like a muscle

I have been advocating this for awhile and now it’s cropping up like a weed in many blog forums etc that I subscribe to. Your mind needs exercise, are you getting enough? As we finish up the season of Lent and try to take hold of our New Year’s resolutions to exercise more, eat better and lose weight – – what have we done to exercise our mind.

I subscribe to a daily thought and a weekly article from various sources, but this one struck me hard today. From Napoleon Hill Foundation, it stated that “The Mind Serves Best which is Used Most.” The mind is our most valuable asset and requires a training program that’s as organized and disciplined as any other workout.

I recently got back from vacation and my mind is still recovering and a little out of sorts with getting back to normal. However, have I defined my short term, intermediate and long term goals. I think I need to revisit those and see if they area part of my everyday living.

I have gotten away from reading and so now I’m committed to buying or borrowing another book so that I can continue onto another journey of reading again.

In Gitomer’s weekly ezine he mentioned the importance of standing out. I think this is something that can be used when interviewing. I did not get the job at Dr. Pepper/Snapple but it doesn’t diminish the impact I can make about learning myself and making a great first impression. One of the items that Jeff Gitomer emphasized was creating a white paper for a company, coming up with a solution for a problem and even bringing along a good thought provoking book.

Whether it’s a sales presentation or a job interview – – feeding the mind will be my next big step towards getting what it is I want in my career.

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