At some point in our life, many of us will have a Mr. Big

Mr. Big, Carrie Bradshaw’s love interest in the wonderful Sex and the City series had fans hate, love,despise and ache all at the same time. If you are single or have ever been single than you may also have a Mr. Big.

I have a Mr. Big and a few weeks ago he came back in my life via a simple little email that read, “Hey how you been?”

Considering my track record on choosing loser men to get into relationships with, the prospect of even considering to date a past ex is troublesome and yet exciting all at the same time for me. I have a self imposed rule that once a relationship is over, it’s really over. I don’t ever look back nor do I ever date them again.

Yet here I am, checking out this simple little sentence and trying to analyze what it means. I’m not one for small talk so when I replied to the message the next day in my sea of endless emails, I don’t like to mince words. So I replied back:

Ha! Fantastic. How are you? When are we doing sushi?
Yes I know. I have such a busy life, I don’t care for idle chit chat, get to the point. I’ve had these conversations more than once to know that if he comes a calling, they want something. A man doesn’t go out of his way to find someone only to say Hi! I figured since my dryspell it would be nice to have some adult company and get a bite to eat with someone that actually likes real sushi.

When he tries to find a needle in a haystack

When a man goes to the ends of the earth to try to find you, than there’s potential.

Let’s not confuse potential with free will and action. Well my Mr. Big and I dated a few years or quite a long time ago and we ended it abruptly for various reasons that I don’t really remember. It probably was around commitment issues and us being at different places in our lives. Mind you this was at a time when I was just going through my divorce and I only had my first daughter. He is ten years older than me and even now, our lives seem so much more farther apart than close.

So now why is this man calling after all this time?

I also wonder if I even want this man to be back in my life OR the possibility of being back in my child’s and now children’s lives. Over the years we’ve been barely in touch with a fleeting email message but I had long forgotten and forgiven the past issues and really only gently reminded myself about this man every once in awhile. Kinda like an old cozy 80’s movie you sometimes accidentally change the channel to. My Mr. Big had slowly slipped away from my thoughts and now he has come back into them.

So when I proclaimed on Facebook that I was afraid that I had a Mr. Big, one of my Facebook friends said that can be a really good thing or a really bad thing. Let’s see how this episode unfolds. Stay tuned because I will tell you about THE DATE!

Comment below: When your Mr. Big Called AGAIN, what was the first thing that came to your mind?

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