The Multiplier Effect or Affect?

My coworker today explained to me that his mother was an english lit major and constantly drilled in him the difference in Effect and Affect. If you want to talk about a result or something that was caused or brought about then use effect. If you mean a noun or a verb that describes an influence rather than a cause you use affect.How did this little lesson impact the thought process for today’s topic of being fruitful? Am I the effect or affect towards contributing more to my life and others around me.My favorite Native American astrologer wrote her daily message below. Be fruitful and multiply? Think about what this means for you and what you can do to multiply everything around you rather than divide and subtract from it. Think multiplication! Think about what you are doing and how you might be taking away from your life, the land,…

Find a goal that scares the crap out of you

What do you stand for, really? Once you figure that out, and then steer your life toward it, you can start to realize your true potential. Here’s my own goal: I want to help you become your most fascinating. Because when you fascinate, your biggest ideas can actually make a difference.