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Heather Buen, MBA is an Energy Utilities Analyst, Teacher, Writer, and Mom Blogging Extraordinaire.

I have reinvented myself through life’s changes and I refer to myself as the ‘Re-Invention’ Agent. I have developed an efficient work life balance for myself and my family that works for our unique situation. I just celebrated my 8 year service anniversary at TXU Energy as a Sr. Analyst for Utilities Active Collections. I am in great company as I get to spend my days working with such awesome folks that are all part of an organization that is one of the top ten out of the Dallas Morning News’ Top 100 Places to Work for in Dallas-Fort Worth. I consider my career to be one of the Four Pillars of JOY in my life. These are the things that get me motivated and moving in the mornings.

My second pillar of joy is learning and education. I am a big advocate for continuous learning. It is why I got my MBA and why I have taught from 2013 at UT Arlington in their Continuing Education Department. It is why I will continue to seek more learning opportunities and educational experiences to further my life and my career. It is also the reason why I enjoy teaching and coaching others on their life paths,

My third pillar of joy is creativity. It’s the reason why I freelance as a writer and why I have such a large audience. Writing and reading has always been a hobby of mine and my personal outlet.  Creativity is an essential part of how you think and helps you approach projects or challenges in work and in life in a different way. With creativity you are allowed to “free think” and it’s a way to come up with solutions at work, at home or pretty much anywhere. As a writer I am now getting paid for what it is I have to say. It has afforded me the opportunity to network with people I would normally not have networked with before. It has also brought with it a host of learning opportunities providing me expertise to teach others. Besides writing I enjoy music and art.

The last pillar of joy and a reason why I work so hard is for Family. I am a single mom with three children and my adventures resonate with others. It is the reason I started the blog, Dallas Single Mom, and it has quickly become of the top lifestyle blogs in Dallas-Fort Worth. It has helped me share my experiences with work life balance, learn about digital marketing in an experiential way (and Teach It), network with other social media influencers and open up a world of possibilities for me. My children get to experience things they would normally not get to experience. I am so ever grateful for taking a chance to talk about my experiences in such a profound way.

What does the future say?

I have begun taking all of those experiences and have started helping other Dallas Single Moms and women that are going through life transitions to become pillars in their families, their workplaces and their communities. Using the experiences and practices I have learned in analysis and forecasting I want to help others create a more successful life using tools and talents they already possess. People I have worked with are much more productive and open to change in the midst of short term life changes that can change the course of their future in areas such as business, career, relationship, divorce, dating, family and work life balance. I’m a do-er and I am pretty useful in these areas because I have been there.

Learn more about me in my Corporate Resume and view a list of my writing projects in my portfolio. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, traveling, art and being all about Dallas.

Awards and Honors include:

  • 2016 – Part of Winning Team in TXU Energy’s First Case Study Competition
  • 2015 – Featured VIP Panel Speaker and Presenter at 2015 Blogger 2 Boss Conference,
  • 2015 – Judge at 2015 Dallas InnovateHER women’s small business challenge
  • 2014 – Expert blogging panel member at Market Mommy
  • 2014 – Influencer at zillow.com
  • 2013 – Achieved Toastmaster’s Competent Communicator Status by completing ten speeches.
  • 2010 – Completed Level 1 Leadership Practitioner for NLP Training Concepts – Building Powerful Relationships
  • 2009 – Attended the 2009 Dallas Regional Chamber Women’s Conference
  • 2007 – Customer Service Award at FedEx Kinko’s
  • 2004 – June Employee of the Month
  • 2003 – 2nd Place – Largest Corporate Fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society – $12, 000
  • Nominated as best local blogger 4 years straight by Dallas A List.

Highlights of her career:

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Reinvention Agent
Newscastic Writer for CW33


Seasonal Sales at Best Buy - Part Time
Adjunct Professor Continuing Education - UT Arlington


Start of Dallas Single Mom Blog
Freelance Writer - Examiner.com


Started working for TXU Energy


Account Executive - Fed Ex Office


Graduated with MBA from University Maryland - University College


Project Management Specialist - Verizon


Began work at Verizon Communications


Graduated BSBA Corporate Communications